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TANGLE THERAPY                    S$30
Like the other Tangle Toys, Tangle Therapy has joints that can be twisted in any direction, and helps an agitated or fidgety person calms down. What is different is that Tangle Therapy is a much bigger version made with protruding rubberized parts, making this tangle toy a hand, joint and muscle therapy tool besides being a stress relief tool. Many adults use this during phone calls, meetings and even to quit smoking.
SQUEEZE BALL                   S$2
This 6cm splat ball is made of synthetic rubber and contains filtered water inside. Easy and fulfilling to squeeze, throw, and splat. Note that the splat ball can pick up dust and dirt. Wash  it with water to remove dust. The item also will spoil with wear and tear. Dispose when it leaks water. Ages 5 and above. 
SQUEEZE A BEAN KEYCHAIN                   S$8
This Puchi Puti Mugen Edamame keychain is a great fidget toy. Whenever your fingers have nothing better to do, simply squeeze the edamame right out of the pod as many times as you like. The pea in the middle of the pod has a cute facial expression. Comes in 12 random expressions. 6.7cm by 2.1cm by 1.5cm.
When you manipulate Thinking Putty whatever you want, your brain relaxes and opens up to all kinds of creative thinking.You can knead it, bounce it, bend it, tear it, stretch it, snap it, pop it. There are different categories of the putty, namely Phantoms (S$27), Liquid Glass (S$30), Illusions (S$30), Hypercolours (S$30) and Glows (S$27) in 4 inch tins (91g).
This spikey ball is firm but squeezable and they are perfect for sensory and tactile stimulation, as a tactile roll or a sensory brush. It can relieve muscle tension and help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress / anxiety and can increase focus / attention. Great addition to a collection of sensory fidgets / fidget toys. Diameter 7cm. Ages 4 and above.
CRAZY AARON'S THINKING PUTTY                        S$30
7CM HARD YOGA BALL                    S$8
CRYSTAL MASSAGE WAND                  S$12
Made with rose quartz, aventurine or obsidian stone, these massage wands are cold to the touch and calming to hold. Each wand also comes with the healing properties of the stone, such as easing emotional stress and trauma (rose quartz), boosting energy and positivity (green aventurine), and relieving tension and stress (black obsidian). About 8cm long.
FIDGET PEN                           S$15
Think Ink is a pen that you can fidget and tinker with in the office or classroom without bothering those around you. You can flex it, spin it, slide it, twist it and more, thanks to the detachable flexo clip with rare earth magnets that allow you to attach it anywhere on the pen. There will always be the perfect fidget position that you can create to suit your needs there and then.
Cultivate inner peace with the Zen Garden. This version of the traditional Japanese meditative garden done in miniature is suitable for home or office and contained in a handsome 9-inch by 9-inch rosewood frame, perfect for desk or coffee table. The sand garden set includes a long-handled rake, a bamboo rake and a broom to create meditative patterns in the sand. Two ceramic cranes and assorted polished stones provide visual interest and a counterpoint to the garden's serene patterns. The set includes a 64-page meditation booklet with useful instructions.
ZEN GARDEN                                               S$55
KOMBOLOI/ WORRY BEADS                S$40
Worry beads or komboloi are a string of beads which Greeks use from ancient times to soothe themselves, especially during difficult times. These worry beads have a loop with an odd number of beads, with a fixed “main bead” called the “priest”. Worry beads can be handled in many different ways. The most common method is to start at one end of the thread or chain, near the shield, and to pull the thread forward using that hand's thumb and the side of the index finger until one of the beads is reached. Then the cord is tipped so that the bead falls and hits the shield. This is repeated until all the beads have been tipped and then the user starts over
These card decks can be used in a number of ways. For guidance - shuffle a deck and pick the card you need at that given moment. Or arrange them in a meaningful order and do one exercise a day for 30 days. Or find a favourite exercise that speaks particularly to you and repeat it until you feel you've take it to heart and then go on to another.
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