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The Royal Elf Family is coming to visit their Mountain Kingdom. They want us Elves to fill their Treasure Chests with the different Gems we Mine. However, Ogres have heard about the Visit and plan to grab all the Valuables for themselves. We must do our best to get Royals & Ogres alike to share the Goodies. Ages 5 and up. 2 - 4 players.
OGRES AND ELVES                                S$20
RACE TO THE TREASURE                            S$40
MERMAID ISLAND                                S$40
LOST PUPPIES                         S$40
An Award Winning game where The Race is On!  In this game, players try to beat the Ogre to the treasure by creating a path from Start to End. Along the way they need to collect three keys to open the treasure. Players strategize, cooperate and build a path together. If they do it before the Ogre gets there, they all win! Ages 5 and up. 2 - 4 players, 20 minutes.
Watch out, Mermaids! The Sea Witch is on the move! The object of the game is to move all 3 mermaids from start to Mermaid Island before the Sea Witch gets there.  Once the Sea Witch meets the mermaid, the mermaid has to go back to the start, but we can collect wand tokens to force the Sea Witch to move back one space. Looks deceptively simple, but is a lively and strategic game of chase! Ages 5 and up, 2 - 6 players, 20 minutes.
Our puppies are lost, and we have to bring home all of them before nightfall. Be careful, the road is blocked and night is falling! Flashlight cards lit the path to help us home, but can we do it before night falls? Strategy is key to this game, but a little bit of luck never hurts! Includes 3 instruction versions for a variety of play levels. Ages 5 and up, 2 - 6 players, 20 minutes.
STONE SOUP                               S$40
Stone Soup - An Award Winning Yummy Memory Matching Game with Spice! Major Fun! award winner and Family Review Center approved, Stone Soup is the game drawn from the classic tale of cooperation. In this simple game, players work together to "cook" a soup by making matches of ingredients. Match all the the ingredients before the fire under the kettle goes out and everyone wins! Ages 5 and up, 2 - 6 players, 15 minutes.

HOTEL RITZ                            S$35
Our farm dog, Harley, runs so fast that cars have to chase him. He also has a great sense of humor and likes to hide, then later bring back, our Favorite Things. In this game, we all help Harley find and bring back Home as many of the Favorite Things as we can. But he will have to look out for fellow prowlers such as the Bear, Raccoon, Skunk, Porcupine & some nasty Briar Patches. We may have to call in the Vet! Ages 5 - 9. Players 1 - 6.

The players are a team of House Detectives coordinating their efforts to prevent a gang of sophisticated Thieves from stealing the Hotel Guests’ Valuables, worth Millions. We have Surveillance Cameras, Burglar Alarms, Handcuffs, sets of Fake Valuables, and Brilliant Minds (that’s us) to assist in our fight against Crime. With a bit of luck, lots of cleverness, and good Teamwork, losses will be little or nil. Ages 10 and up. 1 - 8 players.
BLOKUS / THE STRATEGY GAME                         S$22
SWISH                               S$25
An abstract strategy game with transparent, Tetris-shaped, colored pieces that players are trying to play onto the board. The only caveat to placing a piece is that it may not lie adjacent to your other pieces, but instead must be placed touching at least one corner of your pieces already on the board. 1 - 4 players, Ages 7 and up. This game also develops spatial awareness.

Swish is a pattern recognition card game reminiscent of Set that challenges a player to make matches dubbed "Swishes" – before opponents. To set up the game, lay out 16 cards on the table. Players simultaneously try to create "Swishes" by spotting two or more cards that can be laid on top of one another in some manner so that every ball fits in a hoop of the same color. Create a Swish, and you claim the cards used, with new cards then being laid out. Whoever claims the most cards wins the game. Ages 8 and up, 2 - 6 players. 
NO THANKS GAME                               S$12
Each turn, players have two options: play one of their chips to avoid picking up the current face-up card, or pick up the face-up card (along with any chips that have already been played on that card) and turn over the next card. However, the choices aren't so easy as players compete to have the lowest score at the end of the game. Ages 8 and up, 3 - 7 players. 
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